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Brush & Debris Citations Post Hurricane Hanna

Hurricane Hanna, thankfully, wasn't the intensity of Hurricane Harvey, but she did bring one of the most powerful storm surges in recent history to the Coastal Bend. 

Property owners have voiced concerns over being cited by the City of Corpus Christi for having debris, downed trees and brush on their property. 

The good news is that no citations will be issued during this hurricane response period, according to the City of Corpus Christi Solid Waste Department.

They do request that you place your debris and brush curbside for collection beginning Aug. 3rd.

Collection will continue until completion, estimated at 3 weeks. 

The city also asks that you separate your debris into two piles:

"Clean brush": Trees, limbs, palm fronds and other brush. 

"Other debris": Wooden planks, shingles, roof shingles and fencing. 

The city also advises not blocking sidewalks, drainage ditches or thruways. 

(via kristv)